Wanderlust Guys was born with the aim of inspiring, informing and entertaining the adventurous spirit that we all carry inside.

Andrés and Maxi (that's us!) Had the project of sharing with other travelers our experiences, photos and especially the videos that we have compiled (and we will continue) through these (already!) 10 years of relationship.

One rainy July afternoon, during the winter break, we decided to get down to work and so wanderlusguys.com was born.

The idea behind this blog is to encourage the reader to plan their trips without having to resort to travel agencies or pre-fabricated tours. This is for the DIY adventurers. But above all the main idea is to inspire you to go out into the world and travel.

The world is abundant.


Mathematician trapped in an Engineer body. Always afraid of flying but nontheless always dreaming of travel.


Artisan by nature. The camera is part of my body. I try to show with images the best version of each one. Lover of the portraits, of all the artistic expressions.